About Us

Silver State Claybreakers was formed in 2002.  We started with 5 athletes and quickly grew to 58.  During those first few years we campaigned and encouraged youth trap shooting throughout the state.  We helped form youth shooting groups in Winnemucca, Elko, Fallon, Yerington, Reno and Carson City and Ely.  After forming our groups we increased the youth participation at the Nevada State Shoot from 2 entries to 126 entries.

In 2006 we created “invitational” shoots which encouraged youth shooting groups in the surrounding states to have team challenges.  Our first invitational was a huge success with teams from San Diego Shotgun Sports, Oaktree Jr. Claybreakers, Ogden, Stockton, Red Mountain, A & A Sports, Golden Spike, Project 2000 and Santa Ynez.   Many of these clubs now use our model program to encourage youth competition.

We also took our teams to compete at the ATA Grand American several  years, and  in 2008 our “Rookie” team  (3rd thru 5th grade) won First Place at the  Grand American.

In 2008 we applied and were approved as an IRS 501 c (3) Non Profit Corporation.

In 2011 our State Youth Shooting Board decided to form NYSSA, (Nevada Youth Shooting Sports Association) .

The NYSSA Board consists of a member of each shooting club in the State.  This board of directors have created guidelines with  our by-laws set forth the rules of membership and competition.  Each year we hold an NYSSA State Shoot.  The location of the shoot rotates each year.   Each of our 7 State groups (Fallon, Yerington, Reno, Las Vegas, Elko, Carson City and Ely) are free to develop  their individual program based on circumstances in their area as long as they abide by the by-laws and handbook.

Besides a modest annual registration fee charged to our athletes, our total source of funds comes from donations and fundraisers.